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The Lady’s Bonus Rewards Programme
Proof that shopping does pay for itself. Spend a minimum of S$2,000 or more on your UOB Lady’s Card to earn up to 100% more UNI$ on your following month’s local spend. The ladies get it, the men don’t.

This table is for illustrative purpose only:

Total Spend in June’s Credit Card Statement Cardmember qualify for Lady's Bonus Rewards Programme? Local Spend in July's Credit Card Statement Percentage of Bonus Rewards Bonus Rewards Awarded on Local Spend for July’s Credit Card Statement
S$300 No, minimum spend of S$500 not met S$500 Not Applicable Not Applicable
S$500 - S$999 Yes S$700 20% bonus rewards 28
S$1,000 - S$1,999 Yes S$1,000 50% bonus rewards 100
S$2,000 and above Yes S$12,000 100% bonus rewards* 2,000

*Bonus Rewards is awarded for local transactions up to a maximum of S$10,000 per statement month

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